|【 CFAL4029-5029-6029-8029 】|

                        Product description

                        Product characteristics
                        • The use of high purity aluminum reflector,automatic molding machine molding.professional software simulation precision optical design,spot uniformity, by way of a detachable ring to face in the structure, satisfy the requirements of different places on the beam angle repacement you only need to change a reflector.
                        • LED source use imported CREE COB,in the structural design with the use of separate modular radiator can be more flexible adaptation of different power different color temperature LED module can be exchange,and when hte lamp use LEDlife a few years after the termination only need to open the face of the ring update LED lighe source module can continue to use,greatly reducing mantenance costs.
                        • Each size have circular flat shell,circular inner arc shell and square flat shell.Simple atmosphere,Fine surface electrostatic spray,In the structural design of hte radiator using separate rotary cassette, and between the ring and the heat sink surface a safety line, in order to ensure safe and reliable open face ring subsequent replacement of hte light source modules.

                        Application scope
                        Widely used for decoration lighting, building lighting, entertainment lighting, shop lighting, exhibition hall lighting, etc..
                        Product parameters
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